Ethanol Production Demands Increase With New Vehicle Models

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Ethanol is a renewable alternative to gasoline. America’s top open wheel series, Indy car, runs on a 98 ethanol mix. Ethanol burns more cleanly than gasoline, can produce higher performance, and is not a fossil fuel.

As a result, auto manufacturers are producing more and more ethanol powered or, better yer, flex fuel cars. A flex fuel car can run on gasoline or an ethanol/gasoline blend of up to 85 ethanol. Flex fuel vehicles mean that the owner does not have to drive around looking for an ethanol station but can fill up with normal gas in a pinch. They have been around since the 1980s. However, flex fuel capability is not always well advertised and there are flex fuel cars out there being driven by owners who have no idea their car can run on ethanol.

As ethanol mixes become more commonly available and high ethanol only cars are produced, the demand for ethanol is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately ethanol is not purely a good thing. Corn that is used to make ethanol is not available for human or animal feed and until high cellulose ethanol becomes feasible, rising ethanol demand will continue to impact the price of food, especially beef. Ethanol is a useful fuel, but as of right now it is not the sole solution and as demand increases, so will pressure to solve its problems.If you like what you see, keep going: Wheels Blog: In Chrysler Deal, Cellulosic Ethanol Firm Gets a Prominent Partner

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