Solar Power – Two Kinds, One Awesome Renewable Energy Source

admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

If you power your home with services like EnergSavings or the like then chances are you already know a thing or two about renewable energy. When we think about renewable energy sources we tend to think of hydropower, wind power and, especially, solar power, but did you know that there are, in fact two different kinds of solar power?

The first kind is passive and all it really refers to are components of a house or set up that take advantage of the shining sun. These include focused greenhouse glass and specially built walls that can trap and absorb heat. The other kind, the kind we most identify with solar power, is active and relies upon special solar arrays and cells to capture solar radiation for direct and immediate use in heating water and even cooking.

Solar power can be one of the most reliable forms of renewable energy and many homes are being built today with materials that make use of this form of energy. It’s important that we, as human beings, spread our wings and really explore new and reliable energy sources, especially solar. After all, we will run out of fossil fuels long before the sun runs out of juice and the money you save using solar power could quite possibly turn you into a believer.

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